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duck, goom

Too good to be true

Posted on 2006.09.27 at 15:57

Too good to be true.

*weeps with laughter*

duck, goom

Too good to be true

Posted on 2006.09.27 at 15:56
Too good to be true

*weeps with laughter*

duck, goom

Value networks

Posted on 2006.09.13 at 09:24
Just picked up this link via Paul Miller's del.icio.us page. Started me thinking about intangible value - the favours, knowledge, prestige and whatever that goes to feed a network's operations. It's indispensable, but totally unquantifiable.

What it started me thinking about was a conversation with Paul and another Paul, of the company recently renamed Owikis. We were talking about business startups and sweat equity. Paul remarked that he's done masses of work for different enterprises for sweat equity, but didn't want to do that for ****owikis because there was no guarantee that anything would ever come of it.

So we've got people who work for free for a startup, in the faith that they'll be rewarded. Contrast this motivation with that of charity volunteers, church workers, well-wishers and the like, all of whom contribute to the intangible value of a civil society organisation. The former is a downpayment, the latter might be said to be 'paying it forward' (a forepayment?).

The mode of thought in which people do civil society work is subtly different to that in which people conduct business. This is a distinction largely ignored by NGOs (such as the one I'm about to leave) determined to apply 'customer service' models to their operations. Even if there is money involved, the motivation is different. That's why teachers put up with such rubbish pay - the emotional movement is outwards, toward the bigger picture, rather than inward, toward personal benefit. And again, there are times when the two are very difficult to distinguish. For instance, what of the people who've been helping Paul with ****owikis? Paul's remarked to me on several occasions how unique a challenge it is working with entirely voluntary and mostly anonymous collaborators.

A sweat equity model of contribution beyond the call of duty is simply not applicable to civil society organisations. But if not this model, then which one? Who is researching the drivers for idealism?

Paul's experiences in collaborations wiki-style sit right on the interface between economic benefit (individuals setting themselves up as wiki editors) and altruism, or people just doing things because they can. For example, "Uncle G" wrote the transwiki bot that started it all off, but won't answer Paul's emails. Would ther be any value in exploring how and why wiki collaborations working across the business/civil society interface work, and how this can be managed, as an avenue of exploration for alternative models for NGO operations to the cost/benefit business one? Or am I being fanciful?

duck, goom


Posted on 2006.09.12 at 10:19
I'm leaving the torpid safety of the QUANGO at the end of this month, and launching into the world of Web2.0 and startups at the beginning of next month. We've almost definitely got funding from the beginning of November. But it's still a gamble. I don't think I care. Ours is so plainly an idea whose time has come that I'm just excited.

Still. YIKES.

duck, goom


Posted on 2006.09.08 at 11:41
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I'm freelancing for a huge great entertainment conglomerate. Me, sebastianmary who doesn't even watch telly, let along play computer games. What an odd thing for me to end up doing! But it's fun. Surprisingly good fun. I think I'd forgotten it could ever be possible to get paid to do something you're a) good at and b) enjoying.

So it feels like I'm sitting in bed arsing around and getting paid for it. Like there's something wrong with the setup. Or like I was back at uni researching and writing essays only instead of getting comments from a tutor at the end I send the result to my client and they send me money.

Perhaps I shouldn't say anything, in case they notice and stop letting me get away with it...

duck, goom


Posted on 2006.09.07 at 10:50
And that was a while ago. Since then I found a frame that wasn't my housemate's glorious old tourer. Sadly, she turned out to have a very good idea of what a vintage Trek with Campag parts was worth, boo hoo. Still, I now have a very handsome custom fix I built up all by my little self. And it's every bit as lovely as I'd hoped.

And then, amusingly, this cropped up in the Grauniad yesterday: http://www.guardian.co.uk/g2/story/0,,1865665,00.html. So now they're 'the latest thing in urban cool', it seems.

I was rather pleased, to read that, as it suggests I haven't lost my trend-sniffing nose just yet. But perhaps I should be annoyed, as soon everyone will have one and the uniqueness of Titus will be swamped in a sea of sky-blue Pompinos and wobbly trackstands by fat middle-aged men. Sigh.

Still, just a tiny bit smug-making. Now all I need is a saddle that doesn't squeak...

duck, goom

The truth is always in the last place you look

Posted on 2006.07.16 at 13:45
I've been hunting for days across Ebay etc for a suitable bike to convert into a fixie (my latest obsession). And I think I've found it. The perfect size, light as a feather, '80s vintage Trek frame, horizontal dropouts and even dropout adjusters.

In my sodding basement.

But the catch is that it belongs to my housemate, and I think she's quite attached to it.

AAAAGH. What do I do? How much money will I have to offer her to let me restore and ride it?

duck, goom

And I'm back.

Posted on 2006.07.12 at 16:15
Today I'm loving:




Goth noise and bike porn. Hurray!

Just please, someone, get me the hell out of this dead-end job before I slit my wrists. I mean it.

duck, goom

I like this game

Posted on 2006.03.21 at 16:22
"gaze do that makes it
inappropriate to fix the
flat tyre on my nerves"

duck, goom


Posted on 2006.03.21 at 15:05
I did badass' haiku generator thing for this blog and got:

"a wa of thousands
and that almost makes you want
something to be"


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