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duck, goom

The truth is always in the last place you look

Posted on 2006.07.16 at 13:45
I've been hunting for days across Ebay etc for a suitable bike to convert into a fixie (my latest obsession). And I think I've found it. The perfect size, light as a feather, '80s vintage Trek frame, horizontal dropouts and even dropout adjusters.

In my sodding basement.

But the catch is that it belongs to my housemate, and I think she's quite attached to it.

AAAAGH. What do I do? How much money will I have to offer her to let me restore and ride it?


wordwolf at 2006-08-03 15:48 (UTC) (Link)


Never thought I'd see you in these pages. . .

Just running off to Oxford for a visit to the old college, but maybe we should catch up in London sometime.
The Arrant Scoundrel
arrantscoundrel at 2006-09-07 09:55 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Boo!

Well hello. I think I know who you are.

Care to give me any more clues?

wordwolf at 2006-09-07 10:09 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Boo!

Hum, how to give clues without killing the mystery of internet anonymity. . .

Bear Lane, tutor, poetry, confusion, and lost opportunities for good hot baths?
The Arrant Scoundrel
arrantscoundrel at 2006-09-08 10:38 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Boo!

Internet anonymity? Internet fiddlesticks. I stalked your website and deduced that must be who you are.

(And Arethusa in the shower...)

My website is www.sebastianmary.com - there's an email address there if you want to get in touch.


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