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duck, goom


Posted on 2006.03.21 at 13:14
In the runup to my period I have about five horrible days where I feel like I've been peeled. Everything makes me flinch. And every time it happens I get the fear that it'll never go away, and I'll be like that for ever. If that happened, I think I'd be at the Prozac like a bulimic in Ben's Cookies.

But the odd thing yesterday was this. The odd thingCollapse )

duck, goom

not a vilanelle day today

Posted on 2006.03.21 at 09:57
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It's happening again. To tell the truth
I'm chuffed to bits. I know I shouldn't be -
Too many questions still; but blame my youth
and hormones - mundane practicality
's a mute spectator to this dancing hip-
And pelvis-shake, this finely-muscled lust.
It hurt like hell to bury it. Now, drip
By drip, it's curling outward from the dust.
So, what to do? I know, I know. Fight tooth
And nail to keep it under wraps. Then see
If it gets out again. Act innocent.
Don't drink when she's around. (Thank God for Lent...)

duck, goom

The nine to fucking five. Hooray

Posted on 2006.03.20 at 12:50
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This job's so boring I could slit a vein.
I haven't done a vilanelle for ages.
And whoopeedoo, it's Monday once again.

The trade-off for my reasonably pain-
free periods, is periodic rages.
This job's so boring I could slit a vein!

I spent all weekend trying to refrain
From going on emotional rampages
Now whoopeedoo, it's Monday once again;

I'll try and do some work. Against the grain.
But no amount of chocolate assuages
Jobs so boring, I could slit a vein -

Perhaps this mindset's something I could train
Myself to love, like Prozac and good wages
Cry 'Whoopeedoo! It's monday once again!'

But meanwhile looking round the morning train
I see us all, drones, in our little cages.
This job's so boring I could slit a vein.
And whoopeedoo, it's Monday once again.

duck, goom


Posted on 2006.03.20 at 10:26
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What happened this weekend?

GreeksCollapse )

Other stuffCollapse )

duck, goom

Women cellists

Posted on 2006.03.16 at 14:43
My housemate just told me she's trying to book a butch cellist to play at Southopia on Sunday 26 March.

I went


What is it about women who play the cello? There's just something about it.

Then I remembered I had a crush on the girl who played the double bass in my youth orchestra aged 15...she had long delicate hands and wavy auburn hair and she was quiet and sweet but striking. She didn't carry the double bass around. I think she had to stand on a box to play it.

duck, goom

Second meeting of LSAB

Posted on 2006.03.16 at 11:11
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The School met again yesterday. This is what happenedCollapse )

duck, goom

AAY day seven

Posted on 2006.03.14 at 13:22
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Last day. I'm getting lax here and there. But it doesn't seem to matter - it takes conscious effort to focus on an advert rather than on the walls, floors, people. Catching a glimpse now and then just seems less important. After all, it's not as if I'm trying to retain a state of mental purity or something.

I think my next project will be how to teach AAY. I think the most compelling reason for that is probably that I want to learn more about it.

I can't wait to hear the stories of the other people who've been practising AAY for the last week. It feels like a lovely bit of work has just happened, even though I can't see the edges of it right now, and I am looking forward to being able to feel my way through it.

The first Ambient Attention Yoga writeup can be found here.

duck, goom

AAY day six

Posted on 2006.03.14 at 13:13
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Interesting conversations with a bloke who studies the mental architectures that perpetuate structures of enclosure and imperialism. This is what we talked aboutCollapse )

The first Ambient Attention Yoga writeup can be found here.

duck, goom

New hair

Posted on 2006.03.14 at 09:40
I got my hair cut. I no longer look like a newsreader. Instead, I look like this:

Take a lookCollapse )

And as if that wasn't happy-making enough, I also have the sexiest hairdresser in the world. And a fledgeling taste for obscenely expensive hair gunk.


duck, goom

AAY day 5

Posted on 2006.03.13 at 10:20
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Only one Tube journey today, up to Kings X on the way to Sheffield. No problems at all apart from stressing that I'm going to miss my train.

I think it's only really a challenge when the Tubes are crowded - when there's such a crush of people there's more pressure to find a gaze point that isn't directly at someone. Why is that? Are we trying to avoid making others uncomfortable? Trying to avoid attracting attention ourselves? What does the gaze do that makes it inappropriate to fix it on a stranger for longer than a split second?

In any case there's no call for that at weekends, as there's plenty of floor and empty seating and book and unpostered glass to stare at. Only once or twice does my eye wander upwards (stretching its legs, as it were) and - with a feeling like a small electric shock - hit a poster. Bzzt!

The first Ambient Attention Yoga writeup can be found here.

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